Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 11, 2006 - Year B - Trinity

Isaiah 6:1-8
Psalm 29
Romans 8:12-17
John 3:1-17

Often we hear of the trinity as though it were a separate entity, separated from creation -- its own little community, self-sufficient.

As we listen in this week it might be helpful to consider creation and ourselves as fourth and fifth aspects of an expanded trinitarian reality.

If there can’t be trinity without relationships, we cannot avoid relationships that include ourselves.

If there is not a place for more in the trinity than the trinity, it may finally be seen for the limited doctrinal teaching construct that it is -- a partial teaching construct is a partial learning situation.


  1. John 3:1-17

    Such a familiar story. We think we have it pegged with particularistic born againness or with universalistic salvation of all. It is difficult to listen for the wind, spirit, breath, voice of a new creation.

    Now it sighs, now it blusters. Now it wraps with gentleness around, now it whips our hat away.

    So it is. Non-linear. Enjoy.

  2. Romans 8:12-17

    Adopted by the trinity is a worthy state of being.

    What are the trinitarian adoption rules? Do they limit who can be adopted? When? Do they constrain how adoption must go on?

    What are our adoption rules? Do we limit who might be adopted and when in our life story they would be welcome? Do we set the boundaries of who is with us and who is against us and whether we draw circles to keep folks out or include them in?

    How does this apply to your congregation or faith community? To your nation and local community?

  3. Psalm 29

    May the one (no matter how many divisions we find it helpful to construct) engage creation creatively. Goals here are to strengthen creation and to bless creation. The measurement of strength and blessing is the quality and quantity of peace that eventuates.

    As those in the image of the one, guess what, that is our goal as well. Peace on!

  4. Isaiah 6:1-8

    The line "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory" is a pretty thin way of getting at a doctrine of the trinity, even though it has the tradition of the early church behind it. They did some wonderful work and some lousy work (as do we today) a part of our task is to clarify which is which.

    A better place to look is at one with "unclean lips" in the midst of an "unclean people" who sees the Lord of hosts. Imagine the connections between G*D, an individual, and a community. Out of this interconnection comes renewal of the individual, the community and G*D.

    This interdependent trinity has as much vitality as an internal trinity of father, son, and holy spirit. We may need to start thinking about a trinity of trinities, or more.

    individual - community - G*D
    "creator" - "redeemer" - "sustainer"
    past - present - future
    [your addition] - [your addition] - [your addition]

  5. I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

  6. Romans 8:12-17

    If you live according to the flesh, you will die. If you live according to the spirit, you will die. Death is ever present for Jesus and for us. There is no getting around that reality, though we usually put off facing that eventuality. It's good for the faithful that Jesus didn't live into decrepitude and was resurrected from there?

    If you live according the the flesh, you will live. If you live according to the spirit, you will live. To fleshily give a cup of cool water, visit someone imprisoned, etc. life in the present and future is enhanced. To love G*D with all one has and to do the same for neighbors bring enhanced life in the present and future.

    It is all too easy to pit flesh against spirit and to lose the interconnection and distinctions. The same can be said about trying to pit homosexual against heterosexual, we lose our connection with G*D and one another and make false distinctions.

    To suffer is to also be glorified. Hooray flesh! Hooray Spirit!

  7. John 3:1-17

    You must be born from above.

    Here is a place for you to put on your thinking cap. Ken Wilber walks you through a series of waves of existence. If you need to cut to the chase page down until you come to a series of colors.

    I recommend you read the whole article, but at least check out the color levels 1-8 (with 8 being above to 7, etc.). Note that 8 doesn't erase 7.

    Being born from above helps us appreciate the below that had its part to play in bringing us to the above.

    If you know of a graphic online that shows this, let us know.


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