Monday, July 03, 2006

Practice Space

You are welcome to add your prophetic, progressive perspective on the pericopes of the revised common lectionary and to browse the archives for previous comments.

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  1. In Ezekiel we learn that success is not as important as faithfulness. In the Gospel we learn that Jesus didn't find success with hometown folk precisely because he was faithful to the call -- what does that say to the church today that tries to pattern itself after the sucessful institutions--larger every year, more influence all the time.

    Lets proclaim God's Word and let the chips fall where they may.

  2. There's a temptation -- perhaps especially among a preacher such as myself -- to identify with the prophets in these readings. Ah, I know what it's like for Ezekiel to have to deal with a 'rebellious house' and I know what it's like to be a 'without honor at home.'

    But the challenge, I think, is not to succumb to that temptation. Instead, rather than identify with the prophet, we need to ask the harder questions of: (a) how we are like the 'rebellious house' with which Ezekiel had to contend or (b) do I think I already know the mind of Jesus so well already that I fail to recognize him here in our midst when he comes with more good news than I can receive?.

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