Sunday, November 26, 2006

Here we go

There are different contexts for each viewing of life. Often we take a look at the historical context or the literary context before and after a pericope to bring additional insight to bear. Sometimes we apply the lection to the context of what is currently going on in our life or the life of the world around us as an aid to gain insight. I am going to start this renewed endeavor by using the texts from the alternate years of the lectionary as another form of context - what on this liturgical calendar date would we be looking at a year earlier or later than now?

A general pattern will be to first look at the Year A lections, then the Year B Lections, and then move into the four lections of Year C. I'll conclude my comment with some part of the text being looked at as a focal point for a prayer form.

As always your perspectives on the lections for the coming week are encouraged without regard to this pattern. If you want to say something about the Epistle early on, go for it. Also, responses are well in order to anything I jot here. Hopefully there will be some larger conversation happening.

These lection reflections grow out of the Kairos CoMotion process and so we will be looking for ways to view G*D's presence in the scriptures and our lives as Love, both expansive and expanding.


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