Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pentecost +16 Sunday – C1

Pentecost +16 Sunday – C1

Years C
Jeremiah 4:11-12, 22-28 or Exodus 32:7-14

Play these two back and forth -- G*D, in Jeremiah's mouth, comes out as destruction - once decided always decided; G*D, in relation to Moses, comes out as remover of destruction - twice thought, a different decision.

Now we need to wonder whether one of these models is standard or if they are contextually driven. As I look over the breadth of G*D's story as it comes through the Bible, thinking twice is more often the case. This seems to be because of a prior decision never finally gone back on - steadfast love. Sometimes the rethinking of this takes more time than people have in their lives, but the rethinking does occur.

Whether Moses or Jeremiah in their settings, or you and I in ours, it is appropriate to ask for a second thought in light of a first thought to experience and enact steadfast love. Imagine what would happen if the church institutional or any congregation were to re-ask every question they have been faced with in the last 10 years in light of imitating G*D's steadfast love in their context.

= = = = = = =

one messenger reports
Moses tried to calm his God down
think twice was the call

and this great God
backed off angry threats
deciding not to destroy

as messengers report
about my life and tries
is God calmer for my presence

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