Friday, December 21, 2007

here's how it happened

Advent 4 – Year A

here's how it happened

messiah's birth happened
in this way
Mary with child
Joseph with dream
that's it
how understated
fireworks in the sky sex

oh yes
after an undescribed birth
some magi magically appear
pulling gifts from their sleeves
cards, flower upon flower, and doves
their comings and goings detailed
far beyond messiah's birth
and angelic emmanuels

an unknown girl of Isaiah
becomes all too well known Mary
another usual birth
turns into another
we attribute meaning beyond meaning
to imbue usual time
with magic significance
unsatisfied with enough

how did it happen
that all our usual rules
of exception and separation
found themselves beside the point
seems when G*D is with us
we don't need extraordinary
simply bearing and naming today

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