Friday, May 02, 2008

Faithful Witness

Easter 7 – Year A

Glorifying and being glorified are related to persistence of call. While not always able to finish our tasks or achieve a desired result, our very faithfulness to the task at hand has an intrinsic value that cannot be denied.

Here the persistent witness of Hee Soo Jung was a valued beginning to a day of witnessing. The text of his sermon and all too brief video are worth your time.

Later there was a positive witness by GLBTQ People and Allies. You can read about it and watch a Quicktime recording of this witness.

For most of the day there was a negative witness by the combined IRD, Good News, and Confessing Movement as they did their best to derail constitutional changes leading the United Methodist Church to be a world-wide denomination. It was evident that their multitude of referral motion, speeches, extraneous amendments, and voting signalers were designed to keep the primarily white-male "evangelical" power-brokers in charge with their ability to play the "evangelical" holiness card in the U.S. and the various delegations, primarily from Africa, were designed to keep them anonymously pulling the strings. They lost control of their talking points about a world-wide church and the body took them up on what for them was just a wedge issue. Hooray for a living spirit that took them at their word – don’t you just groan when it happens to you!

Faithful preaching, faithful and unfaithful witnesses - each brought their emotional response. Now for a last day with very exhausted people doing their best in a brutal environment we created for ourselves.

Peace to those far off and to those near by. May positive witness continue here and where you are for faithful witness is resurrection living.

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