Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Psalm 33:1-12

Pentecost +4 – Year A

Psalm 33:1-12

"Praise befits the upright." (NRSV)
"Right-living people sound best when praising." (The Message)

So do you start with the praise or the people? Where would you put the emphasis?

"He (sic) loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of the steadfast love of the 'Lord'." (NRSV)

"He (sic) loves it when everything fits, when his (sic) world is in plumb-line true." (The Message)

We still feel constrained by the tradition handed down to us. Literalism carries the burden of the past into the present.

One of the barriers to righteousness and justice, fit and true, is the weight of tradition that is mighty and will withstand much on the way to learning a new thing. Wherever a small change can be introduced, it is worth the effort. Here we raise doubt about an overemphasis upon maleness and personalness of that which is generally indicated by the too-small word, "God". One small word or refusing to be limited to one small word can lead to a new understanding and structuring. Regardless of how daunting the task to get past the traditions blocking the very righteousness and fitness they claim to desire, it is worth the effort. Hopefully you have a recent experience of seeing your faithfulness as a source of praise..

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