Friday, January 30, 2009

Teaching Is . . .

Epiphany 4 – Year B

Teaching Is . . .

Teaching is a contrarian sport. You enter where you can into arenas that are not at the same place you are and teach.

Teaching is intentional confrontation. Such encounters can be gentle, but there must be clarity about what is and what a better option might be.

Teaching is humility inducing. To be a teacher is to be continually taught and that informs what and who you will be teaching.

Teaching is teacher recruitment. Without an eye to who might climb on your shoulders, as you have risen in honor of others, you are but an idealistic declaimer.

Teaching is hallelujah enjoining. We move from hallelujah to hallelujah being raised within oneself and another.

Teaching is sensitive freedom. To know a small step for a small faith and a big step for a big faith is a precious knowledge, wisdom even.

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-- With thanks to Charles Schulz and his first book from so long ago, Happiness is a Warm Puppy

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