Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2 Kings 5:1-17

Epiphany 6 – Year B

2 Kings 5:1-17

"Two mule-loads of dirt, please."

Some pilgrims bring back a vial of water from the Jordan River and put a drop in the Baptismal Water as though this sort of sympathetic magic would make the baptism more special than, "This is my beloved child!"

Naaman has come a long way from his beginning sense of entitlement and later attempt to adequately recompense Elisha for his healing. He still has a way to go if he thinks that sprinkling "Holy Land" dirt around his constructed altar will make it more special than it would otherwise have been.

Relics of water, soil, bone, or shroud all are important markers along life's journey as we move from the concrete to the universal. Eventually, however, Naaman, like all of us is going to have to become the ground of G*D's love wherever he is. This is considerably different than standing at the right place, at the right time on some ground deemed particularly holy.

This is a significant issue in the Palestine/Israel area. Is it the stones or the living stones in the land that is most important? We have a lot of Naamans running around with their little piece of G*D. How might we put down a symbol of life that we might pick up our life and have it become a sign for others? What choice will you make?

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