Monday, July 27, 2009

John 6:24-35

Pentecost +9 – Year B

John 6:24-35

[Note: This is not a sign of a restart here. Given the quote posted from Saving Jesus from the Church and a campfire last night, the following reflection was made after noting this observation from the day:

caught between
invisible pong paddles

Now, without further ado, a conversation hesitantly continued.]

We wake up one day missing a sense of well-being, control, meaning, fullness.

Where might it have gone? Where to look?

Having been as far away as a prodigal can get, we backtrack our GPS waypoints (noting that we had forgotten to enter some crucial data along the way) to home base. In Jesus' life home base would be Capernaum or Jerusalem or in any city or on the way to one. Having lost Prosperity Gospel Jesus, where to find him?

For a moment we had re-found a past source of present comfort and hope for perhaps tomorrow. Now we wonder how much we might have missed from its first blush to our recognition of missing it. Teacher, is there an assignment we need complete to catch up? How long had our entitled gift been waiting for us? How far ahead of us has it moved? How far behind have we fallen?

These surface concerns of greed are all too readily readable by anyone, but ourself, in our behavior. We know we are caught when we wake up to find ourselves eating our seed-corn – giving up everything for one more serving of gourmet slop – our inner-Esau showing through.

Like any kid caught, we claim our right to one more piece of pie, one more slice of jam-laden toast, one more freshly baked cookie. Manna is our perceived birthright.

May we look deeper into the present to find a willingness to stop yo-yo-ing between ancient glory and anticipated privilege.

When is now, where is here.

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