Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pentecost +17 - Year C

Psalm 79:1-9

Even when comeuppance has arrived for dishonest wealth or dishonest spirituality, we are still trying to wheedle G*D to be on our side and to return us to our most dishonest time when we had the most wealth or the most comfort in ignoring one another.

Bottom line here is, "Sic 'em God!"

Beneath the bottom line is, "Forgive us so we can get back to our dishonesty."

The pericopes this week have been tough for folks to hear, even folks who are diligent is opening themselves to an examen.

Can you be honest about dishonest wealth in your congregation without it leading to a drop in financial giving? Can your fellowship address dishonest spirituality and keep everyone participating? Odds are, if you are not a leader, your talk about these matters will find you ignored or asked to leave. If you are a leader, confronting dishonesty will bring about less followers and less money. Is getting back to being honest in church too difficult for the moment? When will it get any better? Is it worth doing anyway?

Examen your self. Examen one another. Rejoice when you have come through. Change when you have been caught out.

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