Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Psalm 131

Epiphany 8 - Year A

Psalm 131

Wealth is far grander than G*D. It has many more shiny things. It ranks high in distractibility from justice. It needs nothing other than itself.

I am acquisitive. I am not calm and quiet. I want more. Any affirmation to the contrary runs counter to what I will be doing next, subverting my long-term well-being for a dream of two birds in hand.

Even had I learned to be submissive, not even glancing up for another handout, accepting of my current place, unquestioning of power hierarchies, settled into a class, quiet as a church mouse in the face of patented injustice, accustomed to mere survival, reduced to an inarticulable hope - an unbidden vision of a deeply satisfying relationship within and beyond current limitations arises.

Something calls from beyond being top-dog, floormat, or middle-class. Perhaps it is a mere asterisk in our language about G*D to remind about a fertile, bubbling, energy that writes on walls and moves on. We live more or we die more.

Acquisitive or submissive, the choice comes down forever twixt G*D and Mammon. Choose beyond - beyond trinkets, money, wealth, seeming security, position. For every Mammon there is a Pirate; for every G*D there is undeniable fidelity (relationship), fairness (justice), and kindness (peace) revealed in the many faces of Love.

So, "Hope on!", "Give it up!", "Get more!", whatever your mantra, and then take a step beyond.

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