Monday, October 17, 2011

Matthew 22:34-46

Pentecost + 19- Year A

Matthew 22:34-46

Which child is your favorite? There are any number of attempts at forced choices that don’t lead anywhere.

To respond to this sort of reductionist approach it is important to stretch things just one notch. Later more stretching can be attempted.

So it is Jesus responds with two favorites, not one.

In today’s world there are still dualistic/reductionist questions being asked. We are called to ease out of them in a similar manner, add one little stretch. This subtle response probably won’t be caught, but will aid folks hear a new story in just a little bit (like in Luke 10:25-37 where a similar encounter is reported).

The great sadness here is in the last line, “they quit asking questions for good.” (MSG)

Asking questions is directly related to good. It is in the interplay of question and response and question of a response, etc. that we test for the common good. When economic theories trump questions about same, we are in deep difficulty. This is the real world equivalent of not asking religious questions - when they stop we are in deep difficulty.

Testing questions, helpful questions, require that everything be up for grabs. They also respect provisional responses knowing that they will be tested in time to come.

Blessings on your affirmations - Loving beyond yourself reveals a deeper and more vigorous, rigorous life.

Blessings on your questions - hoary answers don’t satisfy, nor do our present glib attempts at universalizing particulars.

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