Monday, March 26, 2012

Mark 11:1-11

Lent 6 - Year B

Mark 11:1-11

They also serve who stand aside when something is needful for the common good. It is so easy to claim life as our property. Sometimes that is another person as they slave invisibly producing what we consume. Sometimes it is fish, birds, or animals that are but bits of our food chain. Sometimes it is the life we cannot see in coal and oil and humus that we co-opt for our desires.

Since the party returns to Bethany for the night, it seems that the colt was from there, rather than from Bethphage. That detail may be important to the “owner” of the colt, but of more import for the purpose of this writing is the dynamic of being able to relinquish.

Palm Sunday can so easily devolve into Hosannas projecting a Power Messiah (revisit your memories of the Power Rangers). It may be important to note the ministry of humility or relinquishment before and after all the Hubbub.

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