Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1 Samuel 2:1-10

Pentecost +25 - Year B

A prayer is a psalm, a song of the heart.

Try this one from Jim Taylor . . .


The Lectionary suggests 1 Samuel 2:1-10 as the psalm reading for Sunday November 18. It’s supposed to be Hannah’s song, celebrating her pregnancy, but aside from verse 5 which refers to “the barren” bearing children, it sounds to me more like the victory cry of a triumphant military general. I tried to recast it (rather loosely, I admit) as a woman finally becoming a mother.

Oh, my God, what’s happening to me?
I feel new life moving within me.
It kicks my kidneys; it compresses my bladder;
I love it!
They said it couldn’t happen.
They said I would never have a child.
Now they have to eat their words.

I thought it was my fault.
I wasn’t trying hard enough.
I didn’t realize God couldn’t act
       until I quit trying to run things my way,
       until I quit playing God.
God helps the helpless; the rest just help themselves.

My clock was running out;
Menopause lurked beneath the bed.
Then it happened -- the spark of life!

I don’t know what lies ahead –
       it may be heaven, it may be hell.
I don’t care; I’m committed.
I’m committed to life; I’m committed for life.
There is no turning back now.
I know, beyond any flicker of doubt,
       that this is what God intended for me.
My child may be a genius or a dunce,
       a cello virtuoso or penniless poet…
But God will watch over her.
God will give her the strength I cannot give.

I had lost hope.
I shall call her Hope.

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