Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Psalm 107:1-9, 43

Pentecost +11 - Year C 

“Some wandered in desert wastes; G*D led them to an inhabited town.” (verses 5 & 7)

Troubles make the most verdant of places, dry and desolate. Whether those troubles are imposed from the outside or arise from within, we are further and further removed from the source of distancing trouble.

If we look to amass as much as possible for ourselves, it turns to smoke. If we attempt to rule over one other or many, our vanity will soon be visible for all to see.

Our hope is that of returning to community. Sharing and collaborating, two virtues a modern America has ceased to teach. Civics courses are long gone. This is not an elegy for their return as they were for they taught the externals of community, not the deeper joy of embodying them for their own sake (and ours).

In an “inhabited town” we are able to realize the interplay between those with water rights and those thirsty unto death, those with a full pantry and those not able to replenish calories spent to simply survive. Here we learn how well we all can be through sharing and collaboration.

When we are together and forget, we begin moving back into the desert where one more difficult lesson is before us. Those who are wise give heed to sharing and collaboration (behaviors that reveal the presence of steadfast love). Give heed.

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