Monday, November 25, 2013

Matthew 24:36-44

Year A - Advent 1 - Needed Change [1]
December 1, 2013
Matthew 24:36-44

The future cannot be foreseen, only lived as it is desired to be.

Remember Noah’s day? It is like that. You build your future in the days available.

Not even Noah knew the import of this as evidenced by his actions after the flood and the subjugation he continued.

We live until we are swept away.

There are those who would warn about unexamined lives and keeping awake and being ready. Unknown in these is what we don’t know. Examining the unknown lacks tools. Keeping awake or ready readily leads to fatigue and plenty of gaps in which not to be ready or awake.

So, a future day will surprise in its suddenness, but not in its preparation. Live well now. In so doing, all shall be well—all manner of things.

Question: What would happen if we didn’t expect judgment/disaster but mercy/grace? As contrasted with living on edge trying to protect what can’t be protected, might we relax into living today as we would want to live tomorrow?

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