Monday, February 02, 2015

Mark 1:29-39

Year B - Epiphany 5 or Guiding Gift 5
February 8, 2015

Mark 1:29-39

First acts of Jesus after garnering disciples: deal with a “demon” with extra energy and a person with a fever, lacking in energy.

These are transformational events that lead to an expectation of a never-ending supply of demons and diseases. “There are more demons and illnesses in Heaven and Earth, Jesus, than hours in your day.” [Horatio means “timekeeper” and thus this quotation reference.]


While retreating in a desert-ed place, comes a demand to get back to work—curing and healing.


No, I am going to continue my vocation, not my work. This vocation is journey oriented, not location specific. So, let’s practice: Staves? (check) Sandals? (check) Daily bread? (check) Advance! (check) Shine in each dark corner we visit. (well, okay)

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