Thursday, December 07, 2006

Second Sunday of Advent - C2

Year C
Luke 1:68-79

Mercy is one of Creation's intentions.

As such it has been reflected from the beginning in promise after promise. This mercy shows up in covenant after covenant. A part of the need of this repetition comes from our forgetting to remember a promise for very long. As we look back we see covenants of mercy continually cropping up in our presence. We may not have recognized them at the time, but now they become clear.

Likewise tender mercy is on its way from farther away than eye can see, heart hope. It is not just for us as an individual, for mercy is as social or communal as any basic of life. Tender mercy is not simply a comfort but an equipment of light to find faint ways of peace beyond our experience of death in the midst of life or expectation that anything will really change.

You, child of G*D, are called to be a prophet who preemptively shines forgiveness into the graves of lives. This forgiving light shines beyond our accepted limits to reconnect us to past and future, to friend and foe, to G*D and Neighbor, to self and non-self. Rejoice in your high calling by boldly receiving mercy and extravagantly and expansively giving it away.

= = = = = = =

a bigger bang than a big bang
precedes expansive energy
no where there is created stuff
or even non-stuff
has mercy not been there already

mercy lays a groundwork
for foregrounds and backgrounds
for groundhogs and ground chuck
we are grounded in mercy
Allah the Merciful rings true

may G*D's mercy continue
greater than judgment
that the leading edge of creation
bloom and grow

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