Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Second Sunday in Lent – C1

Second Sunday in Lent – C1

Years C
Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18

There is too much reward talk and bloody sacrifice here for me to grab hold very well. Sometimes dry times come or there are some things that are not helpful to remember.

Even verse 6, that has come down to us as a source of the whole "justification by faith" movement, will later find two sides of it described by Paul and James - a division within a division. Paul will affirm that faith, apart from the works of the law, is the ultimate basis for salvation while James will call out that works must accompany faith. And that division within the body continues to bleed.

In each instance there is a back story to the language of belief and faith and righteousness - trust. Trust is more basic than belief, faith, or righteousness. These extensions or constructs of trust can cover over what is at stake - a relationship beyond our usual bargainings, contracts, and self-interest.

= = = = = = =

walking between the pieces of our lives
the divisions that keep us from being whole
we are worn down and out
even going so far as to defend our divisions
sacrificed for what seemed like good reason at the time

it isn't until we get to dream-time
we finally set aside
needing to be in charge
able to let flame and smoke
travel where they will

can we make sense of it
beyond a wanted reward
of nation upon nation
added to our revenue stream
nope, we'll settle for any reward

bloody scenes verify
our fear of trust
our need for reward
to lighten the dark
we carry even in victory

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