Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pentecost +8 Sunday – C1

Pentecost +8 Sunday – C1

Years C
Amos 8:1-12 or Genesis 18:1-10a

Our behavior sensitizes us to more or fewer options. Our associations shape our involvement.

So when we participate in deceit we are less able to hear and respond to teachings and opportunities to practice honest dealings. In this way our behavior limits our reception of a word of health and healing and common-wealth. These are "words" of G*D that become outside our usual reception and often require dramatic conversions.

A famine of imagination of how we might have a better present and future than we do is as deadly as a famine of bread or a drought of water.

= = = = = = =

let me bring you a little bread
let me under-weigh a little grain

between these two
lie a chasm
amazing grace
to bridge

let me bring you a little bread
let me pile high a little more grain

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