Monday, March 24, 2008

John 20:19-31

Easter 2 - Holy Humor Sunday

John 20:19-31

"Legends … deal with the most crucial questions of the world and human life. They attack these questions: Is the order of the world really as we learned to know it? Can we expect that life will run its course as we were taught it should? Do we know all the forces that regulate the universe and our life, or are their hidden dimensions that can divert the causal, rational flow of things? And if there are unknown forces, can they be identified, changed, avoided, or exploited to our benefit?" Legend and Belief  by Linda Dégh

What is the crux of the legend in this passage? Does it revolve around the extended Thomas stories (within and beyond the Gospels) or is it best seen in light of the disciples as a whole? How might these two perspectives help inform one another?

For a bit of fun consider the distinction between
doubt / satire
doubt / cynicism
doubt / sarcasm
doubt / criticism
doubt / disappointment

Then go to and see more doubts like this one

Finally, what revelatory experience of yours would welcome a Thomas-like response from one of your "family"? Would your questioner still be welcome a week after the clarifying of an experiential rift between you?

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