Thursday, March 06, 2008

Romans 8:1-11

Lent 5 – Year A

Romans 8:1-11

Yes, there is some of that unhelpful dualism between flesh and spirit present in this presentation. There is also an unhealthy confusion of G*D with Jesus.

Presuming, with Paul, for the moment, that Resurrection, new creation, is where "its" at, righteousness is associated less with our maintenance of it than with G*D's steadfast resurrectional, creation-based, love.

To cut out some of the underbrush of verses 10-11 – the Spirit is life because of righteousness; the Spirit of resurrection dwells in you and gives life.

Righteousness here is connected with G*D's resurrectional processes already at work, like yeast, within. Again the issues of steadfast love takes precedence over any fall away from that. Remember that G*D left Eden with Adam and Eve and journeys with us still and ever.

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