Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Acts 2:42-47

Easter 4 – Year A

Acts 2:42-47

High commitment groups are differentiated from those about them, have an identifiable task and process to meet such, and spend much time together. This description cuts across all theological and political and economic bases for a group.

They both need to be together in all things and to be able to show their values to others (at least as much as they can without captured in an adversarial setting). Without strong cohesion there is not an identity. Without public witness there is no growth.

This tension is always present and different groups, at different times in their life-cycle, choose where they are on the continuum of isolation to immersion. It has been feeling that it is time to focus on the internal commitment rather than the public. There are so many distractions and dilutions around and about, a new version of a monastery would be helpful. If you have a picture, let us all know.

There will come another time when we will be able to handle both ends of devotion and wonder-working, but our hubris in public, our collaboration with dominating power, needs a rest.

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