Monday, April 21, 2008

John 14:15-21

Easter 6 – Year A

John 14:15-21

What are commandments after the commander has left? They are the commander's orphans.

Has the commander built the necessary trust with you for you to follow where the commander leads? If so, you are to care for the commander's orphans (commands).

Now imagine that the commandments are not simply words, but creation. Imagine further that they are condensed into yourself. You become the commander's orphan. A promise is that you will not remain orphaned, but fulfilled, matured, loved.

Eventually the commander is no longer on active duty. The commander's orphans, commands and followers, echo on.

Here is the revelation – the commander is resurrected in the orphan just like G*D is born in a manger. How lowly and how exalted is an orphan.

Here is the application – be bold to trust your orphans to bring to fruition your best intention.

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