Friday, December 05, 2008

Another Crier Out Done Gone

Advent 2 – Year B

One of our blessed Criers Out has left us – Odetta died this past week. In her voice is John the Baptist, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Jr, and yourself. Listen and reclaim your prophet. Her Voice of Ages will ground your hope, widen your faith, and energize your love.

Here are a couple of places to catch a glimpse of Odetta:

Last Word (a worthwhile 20 minutes) [Note: the link is to the New York Times. If you don't want to do a free sign up with them, a lesser quality and shorter version of the same material is found on Youtube. This elision does miss some good stuff.]

Satyagraha (from "Satyagraha: Gandhi's 'Truth Force' in the Age of Climate Change" event sponsored by The Garrison Institute)

Keep on moving it on (from last TV interview – of course on PBS)

Hymn (helping on a song – hum and sing along all the way home)

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  1. My daughter Emma was giddy to see Odetta live in October in San Francisco. She has been a fan for several years and is known to blast Odetta's vinyl on her red and white suitcaselike turntable in her room.
    I am glad Odetta has spoken to our family's heart and soul!
    Kelly Fowler


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