Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Isaiah 61:1-11

Advent 3 – Year B

Isaiah 61:1-11

Hey you! Ya, you! Righteous Oak! Whatcha doin?


How you doin that?

Seeing grace. Talking grace. Living grace.

How you doin that?

Comforting them what mourn. Hey, now you got me talking that way. But, you're OK, so I guess I'm OK to talk your language. Also paying attention to fair dealing whether dealt with fairly or not. And, giving roses to people while they live.

That sound fun.

Yep. Is. New life is springing up even before Spring. This is fun – it's rejoicing time. Even with a lousy economy, lost jobs, and larger class divisions they can't keep Rejoicing from me. In fact, I usually spell meta… G*D but it may also be spelled or named "Rejoicing". Come on in, join me in anointing and being anointed with good news that releases Rejoicing from Exile. Plant the acorn in you for oaks in a grove dance together.

Hey, look at me, I'm a stump shoot – didn't need no acorn. This is fun!

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