Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Psalm 19

Lent 3 – Year B

Psalm 19

What if creation around us is telling the glory of G*D and we have our nose stuck so far inside our economic fears that we can't smell anything beyond decay?

What if time is telling the glory of G*D and we are so caught in fearing a future better, but different, than our modicum of control of the past that we can't experience anything but the disorientation from riding a centrifuge repeating itself ever more quickly?

What if fear is telling the glory of G*D and we are so caught in little preoccupying fears that we miss the mystery of the blessing of fear focusing us and moving us beyond our fears?

What if we miss these gifts and are only left with our errors? Well, we will have missed a gift of being able to act from the basis of resurrection and new life. We will have missed our opportunity to let kings know they are naked and to run idolaters of money and institutional survival far enough out of their comfort zone for them to catch a glimpse of life beyond their usual accumulated patterns of control and power. We will have missed the joy of simply doing what is helpful for the time and space we have available to us.

"What if" can lead us to "what now" and herein we find revival. Go ahead, make your day -- be glory.

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