Monday, August 03, 2009

August Report

As promised, this first week of August is report time. I have found me putting my hand back to a lectionary comment plow. This is apparently a helpful tool to me, for me to explore life. Accordingly, I'll pick it back up for a while (though I am finding my schedule of writing isn't yet set and there may be a herky-jerky timing to these postings). Those of you who receive this can decide whether this point of shifting is a good spot for you to remove yourself from the list that sends these postings to you (the info is at the end of each posting) or to let me know you would like off.

If you are up to it, I'd be interested in any reflections you have about the continuity or discontinuity of style and content. I expect that I'll see different things as a retired pastor, but that I may not catch the shift until you mention it.

Peace enough to grow - to you and yours.


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