Thursday, August 27, 2009

James 1:17-27

Pentecost +13 – Year B

James 1:17-27

How unfair that my anger is not the driving force for a god to righteously slay our common enemies! Well, at least, my enemies.

To compound the unfairness, I am expected to live contrary to my impulses.
     - listen first
     - speak second
     - anger last

I am called to listen deeply enough to see a good work possible in the midst of this particular set of circumstances. I am called to listen well enough to recognize I really am my beloved's beloved. This deep listening rids us of the power-draining desire to be entitled to more than belovedness. Listening this well returns us to our right mind, our imaginative mind, our creative mind.

From Listening comes Action. As in days of yore when, day-by-day, creation was spoken forth, today brings clarity about letting our lives speak what we have heard. This is Freedom like unto G*D's freedom – a freedom to choose mercy, to choose fire this time, to choose blessing. This freedom is prophetic in nature.

When listening and action are in sync, anger is only a motivator to deeper listening and wider action – it is not a resultant behavior.

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