Monday, May 10, 2010

John 17:20-26

Easter 7 - Year C

John 17:20-26

A prayer that we might be connected at our roots is strong.
Such a prayer is weakened when it intends to prove something or other.

Remember Redwood Roots:

In Song
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In Science
"Holding hands" underground
The roots of a coast redwood are very shallow, growing only four to six feet deep, but spread out from the tree as far as 125 feet. This isn’t much support for a tall, heavy tree—floodwaters can erode top layers of soil, exposing the roots and weakening a tree’s support system. Heavy rains and strong winds can bring even the biggest giant crashing to the ground.

But the roots of individual redwoods frequently grow intertwined with those of their neighbors. By "holding hands" underground, the roots form a network that allows the trees to withstand even great storms.

Shallow roots are sensitive to smothering silt.
The redwood’s roots are shallow so that they can collect large amounts of moisture the tree requires. When sediment accumulates atop its roots, a redwood responds by growing a new root system upwards, into the silt. One toppled coast redwood was found to have developed seven successive root systems, each grown in response to the periodic floods and heavy sedimentation that caused an 11-foot rise in the ground level during the tree’s 1200-year lifetime.

In Art

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Intertwined roots = an image of glory. How is your glory quotient today? Does it need changing by the end of the day?

Intertwined roots = an image of love. How is your love quotient today? Does it need changing by the end of the day?

By this we see that G*D's glory = our love and G*D's love = our glory.

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