Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Psalm 8

Pentecost +1 - Year C

Psalm 8

How much less being than God, Angel, Divinity, Creation, or Wisdom does it take to put one outside of same? Since there is a tradition of this being Trinity Sunday we can say that coming in second place because of a God mono-winner; a God/Wisdom or Father/Jesus tie for winner; a God/Wisdom/Creation or Father/Son/Spirit trinitarian tie for winner - is still coming in second.

So take pride in your sportsmanship that can offer praise to those more than a nose prior to yourself. You still can claim that second-place is better than coming in a more distant third or worse, like those sheep, oxen, or wild things of land, air, and sea. You did your best, having tread water for forty days and nights, trained on Babel's incline, and trod deserts for forty years.

All praise to the winner/winners, able to set a glorious gold medal above the heavens.

Is it obvious that I'm tired that this was the only comment to come forth? Perhaps it would have been better to have the discretion to say nothing at all, but that doesn't seem to be our relationship. We'll practice some more and demand a re-match. On your mark, get set, . . . .

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