Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Exodus 12:1-14

Pentecost + 12 - Year A

Exodus 12:1-14

What is loosened on earth will be loosed again. We need to always remember that traps can be avoided. A “Think Different” mantra is a good one to have handy. Who’s going to believe that “Think Different” would have blood smears involved in a process of freedom? Would you have participated in this first Passover? Just because Moses says so? His track record wasn’t the greatest. If pests and boils won’t work, why this internal, passive approach? Would something in you have been set free to try anything? And when one “anything” turns out to at least be coincidental, does that get so enshrined that it must then be recapitulated, at least metaphorically, eternally? Does ritual have to be be liberated from being ritual before it can liberate?

Looking at this from a vantage point after an Exodus, we wonder about the reversal of calling G*D to come to us when the real trick was to have G*D pass over us, miss us. You just never can tell with G*D.

You may have been trying too hard, looking for a magic fulcrum point from which the world might be moved while what is needed is not that particular, but guerilla graffiti.

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