Thursday, August 04, 2011

Romans 10:5-15

Pentecost +8 - Year A

Romans 10:5-15

Faith in anyone claiming extraordinary power or access to G*D is misplaced. They cannot control the heights or depths of lived experience. Faith worth the fear and trembling required for it's implementation asks for that deeper place of engaging your own journey toward a larger universe.

While appreciating the security of plausible deniability, the built-in opportunity to blame someone or something else, ultimately it is going to come back to what has been done by you with the opportunities you have before you. What were the roadblocks you put in the way of every person, regardless of their "status", to engage their journey to an expansive and expanding love? Distinctions between our various journeys aren't all that great, but the ways in which we can hinder one another seem to be multitudinous.

All who call out, who are journeying, receive what is needful. Claim the abundance available and humbly ask for more - or, party-on, dude!

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