Monday, November 14, 2011

Advent Candle Lighting

I was asked today about an Advent Candle Lighting script that would be intergenerational in nature. In specific the request was:
"What I'm looking for is Year B, Gospel based, writings, that could be written in 3 voices. I'm skipping naming the candles as Love Joy Peace, etc (was the fourth one Clyde, I know it wasn't Patience). ((Oh, yeah, Hope)). First voice grand parents, second voice parents, third voice kids (simple language, some of my kids are first grade, some are high school srs). So if you could dip into your reference section, and come up with five simple scripts, I'd be very appreciative."

Thought I would pass on to you what came from that request. Careful, the candles have been renamed.

Advent Candle Lighting Script - Year B

How would you have handled the request?

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