Monday, November 28, 2011

Mark 1:1-8

Advent 2 - Year B

Mark 1:1-8

See, I am sending Advent ahead, to prepare a way;
Advent announces in a wilderness:

          Prepare honest paths.

Advent can be personalized. In the past it was a camel-haired John. Today it is a honey-eater you.
  • You are proclaiming a way out of our brokenness, are you not?
  • You are clarifying needed change and shifting from paralyzing guilt to next opportunity, are you not?
  • You are stepping outside a consumer culture of couture, are you not?

You are not announcing for the honor of imitating John, but an internal necessity to announce we are not yet at the pinnacle of success, no matter how it might be measured. You are simply kneeling to teach tomorrow how to tie its shoe laces that it might walk among the shards remaining from yesterday and onward to a next level of integrated community.

Can’t you hear people calling after you now, “Hey, Advent, What gives! and Who do you think you are?” Pay no heed, you have work to do today to prepare tomorrow’s infrastructure.

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