Friday, September 14, 2012

a humble butt

Pentecost +16 - Year B

we are in life together
agreeing or not
we are interacting
caring or not
we are connected

who then am I
a projection
of the whole
defined by parentage
or tribe or peers

who then am I
with both a persona
and a person
bound together

you get first crack
at defining me
but be tentative
and gentle
it is too easy to be narrow

I get another crack
at positioning myself
with assertion
and affirmation
it is too easy to be narrowed

after cracking together
it is usually time
to back away
to re-engage
or better consider

our goat-selves would
butt and butt again
when humility would ask
room to recognize gifts
and applaud their use

for encouraging support
for course correction
both gift my gift

for challenge
you're welcome
for extension
you're welcome
my gift at work

now who am I
who are you
more than imagined
less than needed

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