Monday, September 03, 2012

Mark 7:24-37

Pentecost +15 - Year B

We do need respite. It is not always available. A part of the trick is to regularly live easy. Every interruption can become a welcomed surprise.

The world is disturbed. Even while on sabbatical, the world is disturbed. It is no surprise that when there is a disturbance in the force-field in which we live, we will be touched by it and invited to touch back with a healing word.

Apparently Jesus thought he was on a well-deserved rest, just as Mitt Romney thinks Americans uniquely  deserve the best, and was thus caught off-guard when a disturbance greeted him. He responds out of being disturbed with a haughty and nasty word as though having a non-conversation with Clint Eastwood who seems to be able to see and talk with emperor’s clothes. No excuses are available to Jesus as there is no plausible way to turn his response into a faith test of another; it is simply uncivil.

Fortunately both the unnamed woman and Jesus are able to come back to center with a word of reality and recognition of such. In this report of yore it would seem that this private conversation was repeated by Jesus, “Let me tell you what I just learned about myself and my vocation . . . .”

Back at work (or beginning to live a bit more unattached to one’s own suffering) another healing opportunity arises. Here a private conversation that Jesus asked to be off-the-record was leaked by others.

There is something about restorations that wants to be shouted out. Whether from the restorer or the restored, these are stories too good to be held in. May you tell your stories of being restored or restoring out loud.

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