Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Luke 9:51-62

Pentecost +6 - Year C 

With a face set toward Jerusalem, there is no time for small talk.

Disciples, who have seen Jesus at work for awhile, suggest escalated retribution — ignore us and we won’t ignore you! Don’t argue, simply state what you know to be true. Hearers will know whether this is for them an affirmation or rebuke.

Easy membership vows still doesn’t make it. Don’t tell Jesus what you are planning on doing, simply do what you need to, and if that is following then get on with it, if it just a show of following, get real!

Convenient promises and excuses don’t cut it.There is no preparation possible, just get on with it!

This is a convenient mirror as the seasons change. Can you feel days increasing in length, decreasing in light? What about sap rising or lying fallow or bearing fruit or simply growing apace? Where are you now and how does this reading bring you up short to face down your temptations or pseudo-realities? There is no time here for subtleness or shaggy-dog story or doing a miracle for. There is only dealing with folks who have gotten too caught up with themselves being the measure of all things.

This passage has the potential to free us. It only needs one more example to make the point. That example of course comes from the reader’s life. What do you add as a fifth encounter with Jesus that exemplifies your particular struggle with integrity these days?

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