Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Psalm 146

Pentecost +3 - Year C

Psalm 146

Undifferentiated trust is a place of miracles.

In usual life we limit what can be trusted. Is it health, a significant other, a certain amount of resources, our own perceptions?

As Jacob found out—here is nothing in particular that can be trusted. As a competitive trickster (by nature and nurture) Jacob proved untrustworthy to his immediate family. In the extended family he was tricked. Even G*D wouldn’t stand still, but wrestled him. He didn’t so much prevail as persevere.

The mystery of a grounded G*D with a background of an escalator of angels or Jacob entering “nothing” across the river from his brother who was also evidently wrestling with self and G*D, leads to a trust in life that is larger than trusting self, others, or even cosmic justice. “Praise” in this Psalm might be an alternate spelling for “persevere”. Try it, see how this might allow a clearer vision than our too easy take that praise is hip-hip-hurrah.

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