Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Psalm 119:97-104

Pentecost +22 — Year C

Misreading alert—a first glance at the pericope found this, “Oh, how I love your law! It is my medication all day long.”

Two reading leap to mind. One is a curative one. Struggling with the meaning of commands with some presumption of importance can lead one out of a morass of confusion. A path can be discerned. A second one is a masking one. To too quickly toss chemicals into a living system can make it dependent (like land on fertilizer) and cover the underlying cause of dis-ease. A status quo won’t be questioned.

If some newfangled medication automatically displaces a tried and true folk remedy, there do need to be some questions asked about unintended consequences (that long list of dire results listed at the end of a sunny commercial). It is also important to not simply lose the folk remedy for when the new goes bust or further study of it might bring forth something even better.

Medicated thinking can lead one to greater clarity of boundaries and it can erase them all so only I have a true understanding and anything you have to offer is false in every way.

Blessings on your use of a community heritage such as the bible, quran, vedas, etc. as helpful meditation medicine that moves you and all along a clearer path to common goods.

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Here's a resource from John Wesley and his concern with physical health as well as spiritual health: Primitive Physick.

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