Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Psalm 66:1-12

Pentecost +21 — Year C

Expressing joy is deep work requiring a strong base. Before going further you can strengthen your base:
  • breathe in for a slow count of 5
  • hold for another slow count of 5
  • exhale slowly and fully through a count of 5
  • hold empty for a final slow count of 5

Repeat and repeat until your center becomes clear, beloved.

Here is the beginning of a field of joyful murmuring underlying periodic louder expressions.

From here we engage tests of our joy, whether from internal temptation or external turmoil. These tests temper us as is steel from of old, in fire and water.

We are free to be joy. There are no limits to expressions of joy other than our fear of self and/or others. Whether at home or in exile we breathe easy until we can breathe no more and in both breath and its cessation is our connection with the depths of creation’s continuity.

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