Saturday, November 01, 2014

1 Thessalonians 2:9-13

Year A - Pentecost +21 or Community Practice 21
November 2, 2014

We parent one another into being. For a moment I am parent to you and then you are parent to me. When this works well we are “pure, upright, and blameless in our conduct toward one another.” 

Of course this suggests that we also are growing uniquely, regardless of the parenting we receive. This is not as easy to put into categories of behavior. I am a child for you; pushing your boundaries. You are a child for me; pushing mine.

From either perspective it is possible to give thanks for solidity when it is needed and play in its time. The “word of G*D” is not just something received, but brought forth. If we haven’t wrestled with G*D as parent and playmate, we haven’t met G*D. It will be important here to note where Paul doesn’t act as a parent, but pushes at the boundaries of cultural protocols. If we haven’t met both in Paul, we haven’t met Paul. Now, of course, we need to look in a mirror and see if we are only inhabiting one role in life. Blessings on parenting and your pushing.

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