Saturday, November 01, 2014

New Resource for Year B

For those early adaptors among us, we have just released a new book of past comments on Year B. If you are interested in a KCMlection comment on the lections of Year B you can order one through my author page.

Right now it is just available in print (what I think is the best format for this resource), but a Kindle version will soon be available.

This is a new enough release that the Look Inside feature is not yet activated but it is similar to Wrestling Year A. Here is one of the comments about about Wrestling Year A that is on the back cover of Wrestling Year B:
From the first sentence of the author's introduction to the last comments in Revelation, these Year A lectionary responses offer words and ideas, both playful and complex, that invite continued thought. Written in a conversational style--sometimes providing definitions of terms, sometimes offering links to websites, song lyrics, and other theologian's ideas--White entices the reader to think beyond his musings and the words of the text. Occasionally, his arrangements take the form of evocative, poetic lines that show concepts connecting and clashing. He frequently asks questions and addresses the reader, not as argumentation, but as encouragement to narrow the application into individual experience. Other times, he broadens the view by pointing to implications for justice issues, such as health care, LGBT inclusion, and the power of corporations. His use of "my" and "your" are linked, illustrating the centrality of community for people, whether moving through texts or life experiences. The metaphor of journey consistently shapes his thinking. Rather than being paralyzed by discrepancies and mysteries in texts from the past, he welcomes the opportunity to be part of ongoing, enlarged understandings and actions. ~ Evie Yoder Miller, Author of Eyes at the Window and Everyday Mercies.

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