Monday, September 07, 2015

Mark 8:27-38

Year B - Pentecost +15 or Energy to Witness 15
September 13, 2015

If this were a scary movie the discordant music would sharpen and the shadows darken. Danger lurks here.

Who do people say I am? Who do you say I am? What do your responses say about you?

We find the responses to the community question to be as scattered as the community.

We find the responses to the personal question to be culturally relevant and couched in terms of where popular hope is placed.

We find that both of those are beside the point because any one or combination of them is going to be less than significant.

Here’s the deal. Anyone on a Way toward a larger G*D is going to undergo suffering because of the limitations of the first two categories (people and person). There is simply going to be a quantum differences and the dissonance that sets up will be untenable to most and they will attempt to do away with anyone beyond their current plateau. In particular this will come from the religious and political leaders of the day (no matter what the day or the system in current vogue).

Those on the way will hear, “Get behind me Satan!”, as a result of their living by a larger perspective. In turn they call out “No, you get behind me, Satan!” and the divide widens.

A result is talking past one another we call parabolic language. Those who have ears to hear, will; those who don’t, won’t. Plateaued folks will gain their entire realm before they dare look elsewhere. The consequences of not being able to move on will have to become as great a looking death in the face before they will be taken seriously. There are too many court experts/scientists/prophets bringing their questionable questions to the fore that will keep fooling folks into avoiding consequences until they are past redeeming and we must push on because we have destroyed our current base of operations.

This really doesn’t have anything to do with shame or glory or angels. It has everything to do with being so tied into our present that nothing can be seen but the power of the current principalities and a projection of power to counter it.

Here is spiritual jujitsu. Who am I? I can’t be named; I am who I am. Who are you beyond your name, rank, and serial number?

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