Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Psalm 124

Year B - Pentecost +18 or Energy to Witness 18
September 27, 2015

Psalm 124

Where is help placed? It may be we need to ask a prior questions to placement—these would be about time (when is help present?) and energy (how does it bubble?). The Psalmist places help far away, in some G*D who is particularly engaged with me or us.

For those who posit that G*D has a plan, help must already be present, even if delayed past our individual or corporate life. Help is in the entrapment as well as in the release. Playing with “hope” in place of “help” may help clarify this.

Likewise the impetus to help lies within. This within-ness comports well with “being made in G*D’s image”. The help with which we help one another is as valuable and more regularly present than awaiting some future events which we might label as help or hope being revealed. This revelation will have help and hope as lying within a community and individual.

Remember what release feels like? This goes beyond who is for or against us. It sometimes is an enemy who helps and we are relieved. Sometimes it is family that rises up with healing in its wings and we are encouraged to move from being helped to helping, from being blessed to blessing.

May help and hope bubble deep within your life and overflow your life that we may find additional people with whom we might mutually expand space for one another.

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