Thursday, January 21, 2016

1 Corinthians 12:12-31a

Year C - Epiphany 3 or Guiding Gift 3
January 24, 2016

We periodically get confused about how to measure a presence of spirit. This confusion is satan work that we accede to all too easily.

Good news to the poor is a primary measure. That such good news is today’s news is its corollary.

This is confirmed when our outside words and inside meditations are aligned. At this point we not only affirm but experience as healing, “When one suffers, all suffer; when one rejoices, all are honored.”

Of course it is also very easy for us to claim all are equal but lay the groundwork for a hierarchy of roles that make everyone the poorer, no matter how we “honor” those lacking agreed-upon privilege.

It is critical to remember that either all are apostles or none are. Likewise with other categories of simply being a Partner of G*D and Neighb*r. There are varieties of apostles, prophets, teachers, miraclers, healers, assisters, leaders, and praisers. From time to time, we spend time as each of these. They are not intrinsically separate states of being, simply distinguishable. Rejoice when you appear apostolic. Express your joy when you act prophetically, Be satisfied with those moments when you teach. Enjoy the surprise of a miracle. Etc. Likewise Rejoice when others appear apostolic, Etc.

Meditate on this and then shed your understanding abroad.

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