Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Isaiah 43:1-7

Year C - Epiphany 1 or Beloved
January 10, 2016

There is no dark night of the soul for those whom G*D calls by name. Ha!

This proposition is called into question with a very simple understanding that each part of creation is named and that name is “Good”. When it comes to verse 4 and G*D is willing to barter one people for another, we know something has gone awry. “Precious” here is very Gollum-like—in that G*D’s precious ones extend G*D’s life by generations.

As we get away from the redemptive violence found here and elsewhere in the scriptures, we find G*D fading toward the Death of G*D foretold by theologians of yore. It seems a redemptive process by whatever name is an extension of privilege and power. In this, a redemptive act turns out to be for the benefit of the redeemer, not the redeemed. Eventually this discount can no longer be disbelieved and a diminishment follows.

Still, I am flattered when called by name. And you?

Would I were equally pleased when others are called by their name. And you?

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