Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pentecost +2 Sunday – C2

Pentecost +2 Sunday – C2

Years C
Psalm 146 or Psalm 30

Where is the breath of life? That needs to be our orientation. To put one's trust in any given source presumes that it will continue to be a source of inspiration.

Those who are able to help liberate in one direction often find themselves caught enslaving several other directions. Some are good at giving food to the hungry and not so good at freeing prisoners. Some can uphold an orphan and turn their back on someone bowed down.

This is part of a gift of community we find it difficult to deal with. We set up generic leaders who aren't able to handle some particulars and are not able to delegate. This results in gaps in our common good.

So it is important to identify who has the breath of life in a particular direction and to follow them and to follow someone else when another breath is needed. Blessings upon your discernment.

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so if I kick off this mortal coil
and leave my praise
to my dust
will it?

what pride I
continue to exhibit
as though my praise
could be left behind

well were it so
and my dust
praised forth
what then?

for one thing
time to hang up

so caught in weeping
so ignorant of joy
my mourning must be peeled
away from my need

arise sackcloth
dance dust
expand soul
silence anger

weeping may linger
joy may tarry
prosperity may plead
dust may profit

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