Friday, June 01, 2007

"Trinity" Sunday – C4

"Trinity" Sunday – C4

Years C
John 16:12-15

This is one of my favorite passages. There is still much to learn.

Such presumption we have when we think we can quote a passage of import and universalize it to all times and places. It is appropriate humility to understand there is more to come, even better to come, than we have so far experienced. It is arrogance to claim our experience of an expansive and expanding love has run its course and we've received all we will ever have.

That which we have to learn will be grown into. A spirit guides. She doesn't dictate.

So we are again and again in the middle of things received and passed on. All the while we move closer to one another. In fact it is crucial that we honor our differences in this model, for they become one more opportunity for Spirit to teach (and learn what to teach).

Whether G*D, Christ, Jesus, Spirit (one or all or some combination) - there is a sense of universal salvation here. Needed growth will continue until maturity and there is no need to end this learning with a boundary of death. [Note: one aspect of universal salvation still needing investigation is eventual senescence, it currently implies some stasis at optimal maturity (oxymoron).]

= = = = = = =

and miles to go before we sleep
less traveled roads have been taken
and energy has grown

we grin all over ourselves
just a-think'n about what's left
on our collision course

we enter into a group hug
as differences and similarities come clear
more closely related than ever

Jesus learns more from G*D
passes it on to us
we image it back to a learning G*D

another mile onward
learning to the left
guidance to the right

into a preferred future
dance the million millions
bearing one another up forever

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